Day 1 – excitement

19 May

Today was my first day Grocery shopping with my Printable Grocery List. I followed it to a tee, minus adding the skim/low fat Ricotta cheese that I needed for my whole grain pasta. But I figured I would start small by only buying healthy ingredients and snacks, that way when I am craving pasta and cook something up its still 10x better than the pasta I would have made 2 days ago.  I even took necessary precautions and left “E” at home so that he wouldn’t be tempted to throw Dorritos, beer, and other contraband into the cart and therefore into my stomach. His response when he walked into the house, “oh so you got all healthy stuff, huh?” He is being pretty supportive though and relaxed when he saw that I got him nutella.

Snacks is my biggest downfall so I got bananas, carrots, watermelon and nature valley bars. I also got green tea to drink, because I read online that drinking green tea throughout the day will keep you from over eating. I got the lipton green tea with acai berries, the super fruit! mix. In a few days I should know if the green tea makes me feel different at all, good or bad.

Baked ZitiSurprisingly it is EVEN BETTER than it looks… and cheesier!

For breakfast I had watermelon and a slice of whole wheat toast with nutella. For lunch I had Three Cheese Baked Ziti | Can You Stay For Dinner?. It was delicious. I had to start off with something that is tricky healthy for “E” so that he would be like oh yeh I can handle this healthy stuff, which he did 🙂 yay!

Dinner hasnt been mapped out yet but hopefully I can avoid the calling of hamburgers and shakes during my five hour shift. Last night I figured I would say goodbye to being able to munch whenever I wanted to without getting eyed from my friends and co-workers whom I told I would be eating healthier and made a goodbye fast Kris brownie. It was caramel, walnut brownie, and maraschino cherries. YUMMMM <—- well I am assuming thats what it would have been. Within 3 minutes of making the goodbye brownies brownie I got a call that the Vice President of the company was coming in. Which means the trash can got to eat my dessert. No I didn’t just make another one, because he didnt leave till midnight and I didn’t want to find an excuse to eat something horrible for me. Otherwise I would be setting myself up for excuses for the rest of my life. Because this isn’t a diet anymore. This is my life.


2 Responses to “Day 1 – excitement”

  1. Andie @ May 20, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    YAY! Love this 🙂

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