2 great lunches

4 Jan

Yum yum yum!

I found a couple of healthy frozen lunch options that I am in love with.


The lobster and cheese ravioli from healthy choice was absolutey amazing. I was so afraid that it would be fishy or tha the ovster wuld b disgusting but it was great. I’m not saying this rivals red lobster, in fact I wouldn’t have even known it was lobster if it wasn’t right on the package, either way ill be buying this one again.

I also really loved the meal I had today as well!


Lean cuisines asiago cheese totellini was really good! The cheese had a really good texture and the veggies were coked perfectly, I cooked mine for 6 and a haf minutes because I have no idea what my microwave wattage is and it was perfect. It was also one of the more filling meals I hae had lately and I didnthave any immediate cravings and even now, 2 hours later I am pretty full. Will be getting this one again!



Yes, yes I did lick my plate clean… hey, I counted those calories.

Now I know I can safely get these two and not go hungry the rest of the day!


Groceries & goals

4 Jan

So I have decided to make a few short term goals to keep me motivated and competitive with myself. I lost 14 pounds over the holidays and I know that it gets harder to loose as you go along so I am hoping to match that again by valentines day (: that would be a 30 pound loss since the beginning of the diet and I would love to feel really confident in a little black dress.

We also went shopping last night with the intention of filling the pantry with only healthy options so we won’t have a choice to eat anything but food that is good for us. I couldn’t believe how high the bill came to, almost $200. That is the most I have ever spent at a grocery store. !!! Wowsa !!! It will all be worth It when I get to go shopping for a new wardrobe though. ­čÖé

We bought a lot of low calorie munchie foods which will really help fill me up in between my low calorie meals. And I even got a pack of low fat CHOCOLATE pudding. I was obviously eyeballing them at the grocery store and e put them in the cart and told me just to add them into my calorie count and use them as a reward… it is already working. I am at lunch right now eyeballing some delicious cookies someone brought in from their new years party and turning them down successfully. Why have a cookie just because right now when I can reward myself with some chocolatey goodness tonight?? Chocolate trumps all other cravings.

Wish me luck on actually eatting and not wasting all this food
Don forget to add me on my fitness pal!

Written from my cell phone, please forgive any mistakes my phone keyboard stinks. To be edited later. 


New years, new me :)

1 Jan


It is the first day of 2012 so of course everyone is choosing their new years resolutions. Mine are:

  1. Live life to the fullest – I have been living a very safe and boring life in 2011. I get up, go to work, come home┬álounge, go to bed… and of course I made room for food in there.
  2. laugh everyday – Sometimes it is really easy to get caught up on making money to pay the bills or cleaning up the house and getting things done I dont take enough time to laugh at the little things.
  3. See my friends – it is so easy to come home and hang out with E and just do my own thing but I really miss seeing my friends, especially after seeing everyone at new years. I love spending time with E but I need to get dressed up and remember the girly side of me too!

You may notice that I didnt include loose weight in my resolutions. That is because it has been in my resolutions list for the past ten years. && obiosuly, it has not worked yet. I know that part of the reasons why I need to put 1 & 3 up on my resoltuions list is because I have been hiding from my life ashamed of my weight. I try not to go out or get dressed up because I do not want to draw attention to myself and feel so gross. All my friends are adorable and skinny and even though I love going out with them I still feel judged, not by them at all, but by other people that see us. Like I am just the token fat friend. I know that in order to live my life to the fullest and really go out with my friends without feeling akward I need to loose weight. I need to loose weight to be comfortable and satisfied with my life. That will be x10 more rewarding than the cheesecake or spaghetti that I am craving will ever be.

So what are your new year resolutions? Are you resolving to loose weight? If you do loose the weight what kind of impact will it have on your life?

Happy new year everyone!!!












is it low cal because its gross and they know I won’t eat it?

29 Dec

Hello all,

Normally I am a huge fan of the top chef cafe steamers by healthy choice and they have been a staple in my lunch time diet routine. 250-350 calories a meal is excellent and usually they taste amazing… usually. Today I tried the new grilled chicken marsala one and was not a fan. The chicken and pasta were excellent as always but that’s where it stopped and where I stopped eatting. The sauce was pretty strong and had an asian influence which was not what I was expecting from marsala. But most importantly the asparagus was unedible. They were rock hard and chewy and no matter how many times I chewed I only succedded in flatening the stems not tearing them apart at all. Also the dish was 90% red peppers. Which is allright if you got a lot of chicken and pasta to add with it but I was left with lots of red peppers at the end of it all.


Believe it or not I actually ate a lot of red peppers and picked out a lot of the asparagus too!

Looking at the silver linning I supose I┬á counted more calories then I needed to for this meal ­čÖé but I was left still hungry after lunch so I wen searching for a healthy snack and this is ha my willpower is up against


Yum!! Luckily the willpower is strong in this one and I setted for a cup of popped popcorn which equals out to only 25/30 calories. I did open up the box of cakes and smell them though, good thing calories don’t travel via scent ­čś«

What do you pack for lunch that is low calorie and gets yu through the day? Please let me know what you pack if you brown bag it, or if you take the easy way out like I do which brands/flavors have you found to be the best. (: would love to steal your tips and tricks.

~ k



Guess who’s back, back again.

28 Dec

Hello all,

Sorry I have not been writting I did fall of the bandwagon there for a little bit but I am back! I started a new job that is the proverbial 9 to 5 and am set in a good eatting routine. I am still tring to break myself of late night munchies just because I am used to eatting dinner around 10p if not later thanks to my serving schedule.

I started dieting again the week before thanksgiving because of a conversation “e” and I had. We were discussing how the first of the year was coming up and how we would be of course making our anual let’s loose weight resolution. After some chitting and chatting we realized how obnoxious it is to choose a date when we would have to make a change for the rest of our lives. So, even though it was three biggest holidays of the year (thanksgiving, christmas and his birthday) we decided to get a kick start. I have actually lost 13 pounds so far with a little fluctuation on the weigh ins after the big days. But knowing that I can loose weight durring the biggest food season of the year is reallly a huge motivator for me. If I can loose 13 pounds while scarfing down turkeys and mashed potatoes then I can for sure loose weight if I make myself I priority the rest of the year too.

If you are on myfitnesspal.com please add me! I realy do enjoy being rooted on and would love to see what diet foods you enjoy. So far I have been focussing on calorie counting and realizing what a portion size is suppoed to be and need to be oppened up to some good recipees. My username is kebrown73.

my biggest splurge for he holidays were “e’s” moms mashed potatoes and gravy, yum! I love my carbs. Anyone else have a holiday treat or tradition they allowed themselves to enjoy guilt free?

Shop till you drop

8 Aug

Hey everyone,

Went shopping for all the needed ingredients today and am starting the Colon Cleanse tomorrow morning!!!

I went to walmart and kroger in an attempt to find all of the items I will be needing to start the cleanse and found the lemons, organic cayenne pepper, and filtered water no problem. Grade B maple syrup was a no-go. It wasnt until I started searching the┬áinternet┬áfor “where can I find grade b maple syrup?” that I realized that its one of those internet only things and sells for anywhere from $35-120! Luckily I stumbled across a bunch of websites saying that the organic agave syrup works just as well if not better, and I DID find that at the local kroger store for under $10 which is way more affordable. At walmart I got a scale that goes down to the ounces and I have been freaking out for the past 20 minutes and hyper-ventilating. I am at 276.2 ew. Wayy more than what I was expecting,although it is safe to say my boobs are┬áprobably┬áa combined 20 pounds at least and my cheeks have to be at 5 pounds now theyre so chubby. My ideal weight is 170, says my doctor, so that means I have about 100 pounds till I am at my ultimate goal weight. ­čśŽ 220 is my 1st goal, then 200 then 170 for a long term change. Wish me luck! ­čÖé

I am pretty upset with myself for letting it get this bad BUT I am taking control of the situation. I am making a positive life change. I will NOT let myself fail again ­čÖé┬á

Will post tomorrow with a morning weight, my first feelings about the taste of the drink┬áconcoction┬á& followed by another post at the end of the day with how I am feeling so far and how the cleanse is effecting me. Made foodporndaily.com my homepage and I am going to pick 3 meals to “eat” while drinking the concoctions… I can┬áprobably┬áfool my brain with some yummy pictures right?

Ever on the quest for skinny jeans


Here we go again

7 Aug

Okay, round two of blogging and dieting.

I have had a very miserable July, and a not very decent June at the job which had lead me to some intensive chocolate and fry cravings. Yes, I crave both of those at the same time. I also really enjoy pringles and string cheese together so my cravings are pretty crazy but STRONG. Regardless I have not had time to get my shit together properly because I have been working 50 hour work weeks because all the little high school-ers are going off across the country to their far away schools and have been steady not showing up for work. (oh the glory of not truly needing a paycheck) Therefore ever reliable me was there to cover shifts and while working said shifts I may have eaten my fair share of chicken fingers and cottage cheese ­čÖé I felt okay about this because at a burger place I figured chicken fingers would be decent and cottage cheese is better than fries but my body functions are telling me that I have had one too many fried fingers in the past two months. Because of this I am going to start the ever popular MASTER CLEANSE to get my shit, literally, back on track.

E has refused to do this with me so I figured I would turn to the world of blogging to do this thing. I was ranting to my best friend about not being able to find anyone willing to sacrifice food for an itty bitty ten days so that I wouldnt be starving alone, and then I remembered about this dusty old blog that has been discarded in the wordpress corner! ta-dah. This time around I have some money laying around to do things right since I have been non stop working and will be tackling the issue head on. Tomorrow my day is JAM-PACKED with shopping in order to get the ball rolling properly.

I need:

-organic lemons, filtered water, organic┬ácayenne┬ápepper, organic grade b maple syrup, and sea salt. I am also allowing the one cheat that they allow which is green tea… because I hate lemons and will need to get that taste out of my mouth. This list is for the master cleanse alone which I will be doing for 10 days. Starting on 8/9/11 and ending on 8/19/11

– I also need a scale to see what my actual weight is since the last time I stepped on one was at the doctors six months ago. I have heard that in order to stay motivated I should get the scale that is down to the ounces so that I can see the little drops along the way. Round 1 I figured I would see the differences, and when I didnt notice them in my server uniform I said screwww it.

There are some positives from Round 1 I have found. 1) I have completely given up pop. I have been drinking juices,teas and waters. 2) I have been going to the gym and building some endurance… and a tan.

be back tomorrow with news on where to find the goods, along with some starting pictures and stats before the thing works. ­čÖé

Back on the right track towards someday skinny jeans.